Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Aero-Ship (Zephyr) Designs

I was in a two-and-a-half-hour long meeting yesterday, roughly 25% of which required me to speak. The other 75% required me to listen quietly and respond if asked. Whenever I have to sit and listen quietly, I start doodling. Here is the end-result of my doodles.

What you're not about to see are the 20 pieces of scratch paper with unused design ideas, vague shapes, and design-dead-ends. What follows is what I finally came up with. New aero-ship designs. When I finish the new version of the game, they will be called Zephyr-ships, powered by anemoi (instead of zephyrium).

Visible on the outside of the hull are the lift-unit pods, strategically placed along the hull to provide lift while maintaining structural integrity. I tried to go for a 1920's era aircraft design, with a little bit of Chris Foss inspired hull shapes.

Up first, a light transport. Small, with six lift-units. 

Second, a medium transport, roughly the same size and shape as the Serenity. It's got eight lift-units and a wider hull. Visible in the second view are some improvements, a little flat ledge that runs around the hull. You can also probably tell that the first design was originally much more rounded and curved on the bottom, which I didn't like, so I tried to straighten it out and flatten it more.

Finally, the heavy transport, the air-liner/heavy lift cargo plane of the Cydorian era. It's got ten lift-units and ten in-line propellers on two nacelles. It is the most intentionally Chris Foss-ian. 

If I ever get time, I'll model these in DOGA. 

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